6Quality AssuranceDeveloping of QA classes for the next BmnRoot modules:31.12.2017Sergei Merts
6.1Quality AssurancePrimary Vertex Finder31.12.2017Sergei Merts
6.2Quality AssuranceMagnetic Field Extrapolation31.12.2017Sergei Merts
6.3Quality AssuranceSilicon Hit Finder31.12.2017Sergei Merts
6.4Quality AssuranceGEM Hit Finder31.12.2017Sergei Merts
6.5Quality AssuranceInner Track Finder (Silicon + GEM)31.12.2017Sergei Merts
6.6Quality AssuranceTOF Hi Finder (TOF-400 + TOF-700)31.12.2017Sergei Merts
6.7Quality AssuranceOuter Track Finder (DCH)31.12.2017Sergei Merts
6.8Quality AssuranceCalorimeters (ZDC + ECal)31.12.2017Sergei Merts
6.9Quality AssuranceImplementation of a posibility to create QA plots for different types of particles31.12.2017Sergei Merts
7Global TrackingIntegration of information from all subdetectors into final Global Tracks31.12.2017Sergei Merts
8Vertex FinderImproving of the Primary Vertex localization by excluding secondary tracks31.12.2017Sergei Merts
9Experimental Data AnalysisEstimation of Lorentz Shifts of electron avalanches in GEM for different magnetic field factors31.12.2017Sergei Merts