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Q & A

Q: Why can’t I clone git repository at git@git.jinr.ru ?
A: Follow the instructions at How to use git and Gitlab

Q: Why are git and Gitlab instructions at their own separate place ?
A: They are not MPDRoot specific.

Q: I am a developer and I don’t like the idea of exporting everytime MPDROOT variable when entering toolbox environment. Is there a workaround?
A: Your local settings are passed into the toolbox environment. For example, you can simply add a line “export MPDROOT=~/your_installation_dir” into your .bashrc file.

Q: Why there is a huge 10GB folder created during aliBuild installation ?
A: You should really not ask us this question if you chose aliBuild installation. It is for advanced users and this is a clear sign you are not ready for it. AliBuild installation works by compiling from sources mpdroot, fair suite and the environment in which they run.

Q: Why do I get modules conflict when typing “module add mpdroot” or “module add mpddev” on the cluster ?
A: Please check your “.bashrc” or “.bash_profile” files. There are modules on the cluster from other projects, which are in conflict with mpdroot/mpddev. You are likely autoloading some of them.

Q: I forgot to install all the dependencies (they were not listed) when using legacy installation method. Why should I now have to start the installation from scratch?
A: Legacy installation method dependencies are responsibility of the Fairsoft developers. It is complex, prone to errors and will be removed soon (June 2022). Please, use the new installation method.

Q: The modules are not loaded, when typing ‘module add mpdroot’ and my colleagues report everything works on their machines.
A: It is very likely, the cvmfs client on your local machine is broken. Do:

wget -O cvmfs_install https://git.jinr.ru/nica/nicadist/-/raw/master/scripts/cvmfs_install
chmod +x cvmfs_install
sudo ./cvmfs_install reset
sudo systemctl restart cvmfs
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