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MPD Collaboration Meetings
Rogachevsky O.Software development status for MPD2022,April 26thlink
Hnatic S. Unified Software Deployment for MPD Experiment at NICA Collider2022, April 26thlink
Kuzmin V.TPC Alignment (current status)2022, April 26thlink
Krylov A.Fast cluster finder for TPC detector2022, April 26thlink
Bychkov A.Simulation and reconstruction of electron drift velocity for MPD TPC2022, April 26thlink
Zinchenko A. Status of Event Reconstruction2022, April 26thlink
Maevskiy A. Fast TPC Simulation2022, April 26thlink
Hnatic S. Performance Analysis and Optimization of MPDRoot2021, October 13th link
Krylov A.New approaches in the Event Display development for MPD Experiment2021, October 13th link
Pelevanyuk I.Design and development of application software for MPD distributed computing infrastructure2021, October 13th link
Moshkin A. Centralized Monte Carlo Productions2021, April 22ndlink
Wielanek D.Progress in development of the software for HBT analysis2021, April 22ndlink

Earlier work

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