How to use NICA cluster of LHEP.

To obtain account for the NICA cluster it is necessary to fill the registration form.

Please follow the interactive guide on How To Use Clusters

The rules of the using the NICA cluster:

Now each user have new home-dir: /eos/lhep/username WITH QUOTA up to 50GB!
The old users can copy files from the old-home: /nica/user/*/username.
( Use command eoscp or xrdcp ).

For the data storage the disk space in directory /eos/nica is divided to
3th project:
BMN – /eos/nica/bmn,
MPD – /eos/nica/mpd,
SPD – /eos/nica/spd.
You should send a request to the project admin for receiving the place
into these directories of your project!

Recommendations for using the NICA cluster:

  • Do not use /weekly for long-term storage of files – quickly transfer them to EOS!
  • Do not copy file from /weekly to /eos, use /tmp or /toEos on ncx104, /weekly->/toEos->/eos more than 10 times faster then /weekly->/eos
  • Run Your jobs from /tmp, and use /tmp as data output for small file (size of /tmp ~220 GB,) as data output for big files please use /weekly
  • Don’t forget clean working folders in /tmp and /weekly after using