Many physics packages are necessary for the MpdRoot environment. Some of them can be installed using the package manager of the Linux distribution, but many others have to be installed from sources.To make the installation procedure as easy as possible an additional package called FairSoft is provided by FAIR collaboration.This package takes care of the installation of needed programs in the right order and with the right compilation flags. In the end, libraries and packages included in the FairSoft are installed in one directory.

The FairSoft package contains a configuration script, which checks if all the needed system packages are installed. If some of the system packages are missing, the configuration script will stop with a detailed error message. To simplify the installation procedure FairSoft package contains a set of scripts, which will automatically download, unpack, configure, build‚ and install all required software.

The FairSoft package includes the following packages:

•CMake (only installed if installed version is too old)















•Protocoll Buffers

•Nano Message.

In case the python bindings are build the following additional packages will be installed:

•XercesC 3.1.2

•G4Py Version, which comes with Geant4.

The FairSoft package can be found on the GitHub repository.

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