Before installing MpdRoot make sure that the packages from the following link are installed on your system!


Additionally, you must install:

  • fftw3-devel, eigen3-devel, gtest-devel, python3-pip (Red Hat based OS), or fftw3-dev, libeigen3-dev, libgtest-devel, python3-pip (Debian based OS)
  • as normal user
    pip install --user pipx && pipx ensurepath && pipx install clang-format==13.0.0


Download installation script and make it executable
cd ~ 
wget https://git.jinr.ru/nica/mpdroot/-/raw/dev/scripts/install_fair_mpdroot.sh
chmod +x install_fair_mpdroot.sh

If you are regular user run


If you are a developer run

./install_fair_mpdroot.sh -u developer

This script will perform automatic installation of FairSoft vApr21, FairRoot v18.6.4 and mpdroot. The default parameters are (flags to switch are in quotation marks):

  • regular user: change with ‘-u developer’
  • fair suite installation directory ~/fairSuite: change with ‘-f path_to_dir’
  • mpdroot installation directory ~/mpd: change with ‘-m path_to_dir’
  • don’t skip fair suite installation: change with ‘-s yes’
  • working directory for fair suite build ~/fair_build: change with ‘-w path_to_dir’
  • mpdroot cloned repository directory ~/mpdroot: change with ‘-r path_to_dir’
  • 8 cpu threads used during compilation: change with ‘-j number_of_threads’

If the script fails, please contact by email the  Service Desk

The above installation procedure was tested to work with the following OS (as of December 5th 2021):
CentOS 7, Fedora 34, Fedora 35, Ubuntu 20.04, Linux Mint 20.2, Pop!_OS 21.04

NOTE: When using MPDRoot SetEnv.sh and config.sh must be invoked in each new terminal by

source ~/mpdroot/SetEnv.sh && source ~/mpdroot/build/config.sh

alternatively, you can add this line to your ~/.bashrc file, if you don’t want to type this each time you open a new terminal. 

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