1MPD 3D with forward Spectrometers
MPD_3D_04 04 2017_FS
2MPD 3DMPD only_04 04 2017_3D
3MPD 3D 1 stageMPD only_04 04 2017_3D_1_stage
4MPD, with the main dimensions, cut away along beam line MPD_04 04 2017_cut_along beam
5Dimensions between stand away parts of MPDMPD_04 04 2017_size of stand away parts
6MPD- stage 1, cut away along the beam line MPD_04 04 2017_1 stage_cutaway_alongZ
7Coverage in forward direction MPD_04 04 2017_quater+pseudorapidity
8MPD interface with Collider (Final focus lenses and beam pipe)MPD_04 04 2017_half_with lenses
9MPD with dimensions of all elementsMPD_04 04 2017_cutaway alongZ_dimensions
10MPD Cross sectionMPD_04 04 2017_cross cut