Macro is a main executable element of the MpdRoot environment. Usually it has .C extension. You can find in the ROOT documentation instructions on how to run macro by ROOT interpreter (CINT). We have currently two directories: “macros” with refactored macros and the old MpdRoot “macro” directory, containing macros that are subject to refactoring. You will find there the following subdirectories:

dch – DCH macros, such as recoRunDch.C for reconstruction of particle tracks registered by Drift Chambers;

ecal – macros for Electromagnetic Calorimeter;

gem – macros for Gas Electron Multipliers;

mwpc – macros for Multi Wire Proportional Chamber;

tof_700 – macros for Time-of-Flight detector (TOF-700);

zdc – macros for Zero Degree Calorimeter;

eventdisplay – includes event display macro to graphically present MPD geometry and collision events with a fixed target;

geometry – macros for creating files with subdetector geometries in ROOT format to use them in MPD simulation and data processing, e.g. create_rootgeom_TOF1.C, magnet.C, etc.;

magfield – contains BuildMagField.C macro to generate file with extrapolated magnetic field map;

mpd_scheduler – source files of scheduling system to distribute data processing tasks on the cluster nodes or multi-core processors;

raw – macros to convert and process experimental raw data files to the ROOT format;

run – main macros of the MpdRoot environment for MPD event simulation and reconstruction.

The main macros and subdirectories of macro /run directory are listed below:

geometry_run – macros to generate full facility geometry for a set of MPD runs;

qa – contains macro to create QA-histograms for MPD simulation and reconstruction tasks;

Mpdloadlibs.C – macro to load all libraries required for data processing (FairSoft and MpdRoot libraries), it’s usually used at the first steps in another macros;

geometry.C – macro to construct MPD detector geometry from a set of geometry files (*.geo or *.root) corresponding to the subdetectors;

run_sim_Mpd.C – macro to simulate MPD events for selected event generator;

run_reco_Mpd.C – macro to reconstruct MPD events for simulated data;

recoRun1.C – macro to reconstruct events for experimental data.

One can start to learn MpdRoot with run_sim_Mpd.C and run_reco_Mpd.C macros. These simulation and reconstruction macros are described in the next section in details.

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